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Replacing chemicals with technology

UVC light takes disinfection to the next level. Using a chemical cleaner is a great way to clean surfaces but what happens to that bacteria and other microbial life? Did it die or is it still living on whatever you used to wipe it up?

Chances are some of that bacteria is still alive in its new location with the ability to multiply and grow.

In order to completely destroy that bacteria you need to stop its ability to multiply and grow, that’s where UVC light comes in. UVC light can break down and destroy the cells that give bacteria life. Destroying these cells can stop the bacteria’s ability to multiply and grow, taking you to the next level of disinfection. Stop the bacteria's ability to multiply rather than just spreading it around with chemicals.


Is UVC Light Safe?


UVC light is used regularly in medical offices, laboratories, manufacturing facilities and other places where sterilization is mandatory.

You don’t see it readily available for commercial use because it does require more care and attention compared to regular light. If used in a careless manner you could damage your vision or skin; however, UVC light is safe when used with caution. This concept has kept UVC technology off the shelf for everyday consumers but available in a controlled professional setting.

Here at Real UV-C, we focus on making UVC light available to the everyday consumer.  Our products are designed to be used easily and safely by anyone ready to use caution.


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